Thursday 4, 11 & 18 July 2019, 6- 9pm

Tutor: Rob White, Michelle Avison

Cost: £180. Materials included.

Van Gogh was really influenced by printmaking, though he made few prints himself. What would he have done if he had? On this course you will look at paintings and drawings by Van Gogh, thinking about subject matter, mark making, colour and at some of the things he looked at as the starting point to making your own prints. Looking at other artists work was essential to Van Gogh- he worked alongside artists such as Gaugin- it is one of the ways in which we learn to be artists. This course will encourage you to think in the same way and use your influences as a starting point to making prints.

The first two evenings will use drypoint, and on the third evening you will explore colour in Monotype.


Week 1

Landscape. You will walk out of the studio and have a look at the Van Gogh house which is just by the studio, and then come back to the studio to make your drypoint plates by drawing outside and from the immediate surroundings.

Week 2

Still Life. Working from a still life in the studio, explore mark making and drawing by responding directly to the subject matter in an immediate way.

Week 3

Using photographs, drawings or previous prints go wild with colour and make Van Gogh inspired Monotypes using loads of colour, including bringing your ideas together by combining drypoint and monotype. At the end of the course you will have a fantastic series of prints and a good introduction to printmaking.